A 20 Year White House Tradition Is Terminated By Rex Tillerson, Muslims Across America Are Livid

The White House has had a tradition of celebrating Ramadan since Bill Clinton held office. However, the times are finally changing and Rex Tillerson put a stop to the White House festivities during Ramadan. After all, Ramadan is not an American holiday and we are a Christian nation so it doesn’t even make sense that the White House would entertain these festivities anyhow.

Muslims in America are free to celebrate Ramadan in their own communities because, in America, we believe in religious freedom. The White House does not host festivities for every subsection of America. So what makes groups like CAIR think they have rights that others do not?

It is the constant demanding of special treatment that is creating a division in American society and groups like CAIR are directly responsible. The average American Muslim does not care whether someone in the White House is observing Ramadan, the President is not a Muslim, so why should he?

United States Secretary of State Rex Tillerson did what all us patriotic Americans have been dreaming about since 1999. While President Donald Trump was on his first overseas trip since becoming president Secretary of State Rex Tillerson did to Muslims what Americans have been asking for centuries now. He decided not to hold the annual Ramadan festivities at the White House.

Source>red state debate