4 Million Democrat Votes Were Just Declared Fraudulent

Voting machines in 11 states now tied to a company owned by a group of Democrat “activists” that includes George Soros, Chelsea Clinton, Barack and Michelle Obama and the estate of John Kennedy have been declared “compromised” and their votes discounted.

What that means to the outcome of the 2017 election is huge. It means that more than 4 million votes cast for Democrats in traditionally red counties will go in the trash bin, turning the tide of victory back to the true conservatives who backed Donald Trump.

In the end, 17 elections involving ballot referendums for free entitlements for immigrants, legalized marijuana and decriminalizing heroin overdoses should be overturned. The last one, in particular, is important to the free-loading left, because they believe they should just be able to get high and lose control without any repercussions when they wake up after costing the taxpayer a ride to the hospital and a shot of Narcan.

Court cases have now been filed to de-certify those elections and either switch the results or call for a new, fair election. The company that makes the machines, Novus Ordo Seclorum, INC, says the issue was an “unforeseen software glitch” and that the original votes can still be recovered.

Sorry, globalists. We don’t want what your machines have to say. Let’s return to paper ballots.

Source : http://www.conscountry.us