BREAKING: John McCain Just Did The Something Sick, RESIGN HIM NOW!

It is well known that John McCain is disloyal to the Republicans. He will do everything in his power to destroy the conservatives. Once upon a time he was man full of great values but ever since Donald Trump was elected for president he has changed. Now he has become a live example of what is wrong with America.

He has become a liberal and there is no way back, he needs to lose his seat in the Senate if he doesn’t stop making these kinds of actions. He has been attacking Trump because he is one bitter jealous man that only wants power.

John McCain joined the left and the Establishment by using the Democrats to promote his agenda. He is trying to make the Republicans pay for what he thinks they have done to him.

According to The Washington Examiner, McCain was given a strict role by the left, he already talked to a group of people about the importance President Trump plans not to move forward. It is official, John McCain wants the Republican Party fail.

McCain has set his mind on getting rid of Trump, ever since he fired Comey. Although Comey was incompetent to do his job right in the FBI and even Hillary would have fired him, the lefts make it sound like Trump did a bad thing.

If McCain continues with this madness it will surely damage his career, and will lose his chair at the Senate.

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