BREAKING: Sean Hannity Just Made ENORMOUS Announcement About His Next Move – Supporters Shocked…

Right after Sean Hannity got hit with sexual harassment by blogger and attorney, Debbie Schlussel, he hits back hard… His career was in danger after he was accused of sexual harassment, but however we know that he is innocent, and we give him a full support to fight back.

A week ago, Sean Hannity vowed to take legal action causing Schlussel to cave.

Today, Sean Hannity took to his Twitter account and fired back: “A lot of time with an army of attorneys. Topics include: libel, slander, defamation, tortious interference. Stay tuned.”

He also tweeted saying that he will take matters in his own hands, and he is not playing games no more: ‘FYI, whoever you are IP addresses are traceable. Get ready.” In his series of tweets he sounded like he is sure he might be going after more than one person. He seems to think like he is going after an organization that has been spreading lies about him.

Well, since the leftists are attacking the conservatives all the time, it is about time for them to hit back so hard, and shake up the entire corrupted chain. Isn’t it weird how they accuse the conservatives all the time, but with no evidence to back it all up?

That’s because they are LYING!

They are going to be exposed very soon! Sean Hannity will take them down once and for all!

What do you think about this? Should Sean Hannity go after them?




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