BREAKING: Tragic Announcement About Ivanka Trump – Supporters Stunned

Democrats wrote a letter to the FBI on Wednesday demanding that the agency investigate whether President Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump disclosed her husband Jared Kushner’s meetings with Russian officials on her application for security clearance.

Newsweek reported that 22 House Democrats sent a letter to acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe demanding the bureau investigate whether there are any discrepancies in Ivanka Trump’s filings to get access to America’s most closely kept secrets. When she took a position in her father’s White House, the documents she submitted to gain clearance would have asked her to disclose any contact with foreign governments, as well as any contact immediate family may have had.

“Lack of candor, particularly regarding contacts with Russian officials, has been a significant issue for the Trump administration,” the Democrats wrote, adding that they fear Ivanka may have engaged in “deception.”

The Democrats added that between her and Kushner, “the couple have been assigned expansive policy portfolios, even as they maintain a business empire that relies on foreign financing and manufacturing.”

“The juxtaposition of their public and private roles may be murky and confused,” they added, “but her obligation to disclose her families’ and her foreign contacts is not.”

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