Chelsea Clinton Attacks Trump By Saying That He Is Giving Our Country Away, Instantly Regrets It

After the numerous of attacks Trump received from the liberal media because he allowed his daughter Ivanka to sit in for him at the G20, Trump stood by his decision this Monday and made an example out of Chelsea Clinton, on Twitter:

So, Chelsea responded hoping to sound clever, but it didn’t work out well for her:

First, it’s not debatable that Hillary asked her daughter for help, since they renamed their foundation to contain Chelsea’s name. Also, there were numerous of rumors that if Hillary would have won the election, Chelsea would have taken the role as the First Lady.

Second, Chelsea is not the one who should be accusing the President of giving away our country, when her family and their foundation was used as a cash center, trading donations for favors from Hillary in the past.

Chelsea should be more careful when she talks about the president, seeing how her family is the corrupted one.

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