China Announces BAN on Coal, Iron and Fish From North Korea in Effort to Stop Kim Jong-un’s Nuclear War Threat

North Korea has been cut the privilege to sell valuable products that brought them heavy business in China.

This comes in accordance with the U.N. announced sanctions for the Republic.

North Korea was the main importer of coal, iron ore, lead concentrates and ore, lead and sea food. Now, this import shall be ceased, in affect on Tuesday.

The U.N. trusts that these sanctions will force North Korea to rethink their missile testing and attacks.

Recently, the tension between the U.S. and North Korea grew bigger, due to their aggressive intentions to strike at America’s biggest military bases. Afterwards, China took a rather neutral stand, although it is primarily loyalty lies with the States.

As China holds about 90 percent of the trade with North Korea, which could cause a problem with actually passing the UN measures.

Donald trump asked of China to stand in America’s defense, assuring them North Korea is merciless towards everyone.

Although many criticize the UN ‘s implemented sanctions, they seemed to take effect in South Africa and Iran.

Other options still remain active, in case these fail to pass.

The vote on this happened back on August 6, which now leaves 30 days for the UN to carry out their sanctions.

America has been widely supported by many countries, with japan and Australia promising to react in case North Korea decided to strike, which only goes to show that countries across the globe are aware of the threat North Korea poses to everyone.

Let’s hope no aggressive means will need to be enforced in order to stop the Republic from acting out.



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