EMERGENCY BYPASS: Trump Side-Steps Congress, Guts Obamacare Red-Tape

President Trump side-stepped a stalled Congress on Thursday and signed an executive order on America’s failing healthcare system, permitting employers and other organizations to “band together” and purchase coverage across state lines, reports Fox News.

“This is promoting health care, choice and competition all across the United States,” Trump told reporters after signing the order at a White House ceremony. “This is going to be something that millions and millions of people will be signing up for and they’re going to be very happy. This will be great health care.”

“[This is] the first steps to providing millions of Americans with Obamacare relief,” he added, before urging Congress to re-visit their efforts to fully repeal and replace Obamacare next year. “We are going to also pressure Congress very strongly to finish the repeal and the replace of ObamaCare once and for all.”

While signing the order, President Trump was joined by Senator Rand Paul, who described the new policy as “the biggest free market reform of health care in a generation.”

“Insurance companies will be fighting to get every single person signed up,” said the President. “And you will hopefully be negotiating, negotiating, negotiating. And you’ll get such low prices for such great care. Should have been done a long time ago and it could have been done a long time ago.”