Eminem’s Attack on Trump Only Helped to Strengthen Trump’s Re-election Campaign

A lot of time passed till the NFL realized that Americans are sick and tired of anti-Trump and racist involvement in the entertainment. Anyhow, now the artists are beginning where the players stopped, just to keep the problem alive. This was shown last night when Eminem, the white rapper, while on the stage, sent a sick message to President Trump and his supporters, telling that the president wasted his time and efforts to create something for the ones he hates.

It is known that many celebrities have a negative opinion about President Trump, but most of them use him to make money by publicly attacking him. There is no doubt that the president is doing the best he can, proved by growing economy and the stock market. Entire country enjoys the benefits of his work, regardless of political stance, but the celebrities want to cash in more money by attacking him during their paid performances. This was the strategy of Eminem too, who didn’t learn anything from NFL fallout.

Colin Kaepernick had an amazing career before he started protesting and now it isn’t a coincidence that he hasn’t got a job yet. This only proves that Americans don’t want politics in their entertainment. Instead of using him as an example of what can happen, and learn from his mistakes, some celebrities like Eminem took him as an idol and attacked President Trump by accusing Kaepernick’s demise on him. But President Trump was never the real problem.

Shortly after Eminem publicly criticized Trump, he got the first wake-up call. After the fallout of NFL and Kaepernick’s career, the singer should have predicted that America is ready to move on. Just 12 hours after his performance, Eminem learned what happens when you attack the president of U.S.

As Red State Watcher wrote, Eminem’s attack on President Trump just contributed to strengthening Trump’s re-election campaign.

Just after the video was posted online, the Twitter was set on fire by irritated people who wondered why the artists don’t do their job and leave the politics and President Trump out of their performance. Eminem’s performance and his obsession with the president can be seen as a demonstration of the fake outrage in order to gain a career advantage.

“The washed-up aging rap star unveiled his disgusting song during Tuesday’s BET Hip-Hop Awards,” Prissy Holly said about the performance. “The lyrics declare a literal war on Americans who dislike Kaepernick, and the new NFL unofficial anthem says ‘F YOU’ to anyone who supports President Trump.”

“This is for Colin (Kaepernick), ball up a fist

And keep that (expletive) balled like Donald the (expletive)…

Any fan of mine who’s a supporter of his (Trump)

I’m drawing in the sand a line

You either for or against…

The rest of America, stand up.”

While Eminem is showing his rage, Trump is tracing his path into 2020 reelection.

The line that Eminem pushed in his rap that the “lines have been drawn in the sand,” is actually true, but not in that connotation. The left-leaning performers have drowned the line between themselves and the audience who wants to be entertained rather than preached politics.

The citizens here have the final word, not the rappers and racist athletes.  NFL coaches also refused to hire players like Kaepernick, which finally led to decreased income from entertainment events or games.

Finally, the line will be drawn whether you are for the country or against. No entertainers, rhetoric or show will stop President Trump doing the best for the country and making America great again. He promised that and be sure he will keep the promise!

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