James Woods Just Dropped The Hammer On Chuck Schumer – It’s The Beginning Of The End!

Democrats aren’t the good guys. Simple as that. They’ve been bragging around about their brilliant success in the past years, but we know the truth. The anti-Trumps didn’t do anything but harm our country and destroy every valuable resource. They had eight years to destroy our principles and morals. Luckily, President Donald Trump appeared at the right time, and his plan to make America great again actually worked.

Illegal immigrants are the President’s top concern, and he is doing his best to solve the problem. Democrats, on the other hand, are trying to manipulate people, and gave green light to illegals. We all remember how they shut down the President’s travel ban.


Should we say that Democrats are here to oppose everything that comes from President Trump? We bet you agree on this one. The sad part comes when we realize that Democrats never supported US service members. Former president Barack Obama never appreciated our military, and ignored war veterans.

Things culminated on Friday night after Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) shut down the government. This came as a result of the DACA issue. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi joined the celebration, and threw a feast.

Schumer noted that DACA negotiations will be taken up before the next government shutdown on February 8th.

Many Americans disapproved this, and James Woods is one of them. He unleashed on Democrats, and issued a serious warning about the current situation in the government. “This is why the government is shut down… Thank you, Democrats,” the actor tweeted.

“Send them to Schumer’s house. Or Pelosi’s. These children, full of dreams, need the welcoming arms of our Democrat leaders…” Woods noted. “Democrats would burn the Constitution for a single illegal vote,” he added.


What do you think about this? Do you agree with Woods?