Joy Behar Gets CAREER ENDING NEWS After Slandering Trump During With Rant

On Monday, Joy Behar tried to bash both Donald Trump and Fox News on her shamelessly liberal talk show The View. However, she immediately got hit back with something that she was never expecting.

While the women were discussing Trump’s allegation that the Obama administration wiretapped him, the ABC show panel turned to discuss the validity of Fox News. The Washington Free Beacon reported that cohost Sunny Hostin accused Trump of going to Fox “News” for his information on the wiretapping scandal, using scare quotes when saying the word “news.”

Behar then chimed in to say why she thinks Trump goes to Fox.

“That’s why Trump goes to Fox, because they’re on his level,” she said.

“Sean Hannity is in his pocket,” Behar continued, offering no evidence to support this.

Behar was then stunned when her conservative cohost Jedediah Bila, who once worked for Fox News herself, jumped in to defend the network.