Look What Was Just Spotted At Trump’s New DC Hotel – Liberals FURIOUS

Donald Trump’s new hotel in Washington D.C. is housed in the Old Post Office Pavillion, which is the second largest building in the city. Since Trump turned it into the Trump International Hotel, Washington, it has undergone a series of changes that many have been surprised by.

Breitbart reported that since the hotel opened, it has quickly become known as the place for world leaders and celebrities to “be seen.” President Trump himself was seen this past week dining with British Brexit politician Nigel Farage at the hotel’s balcony restaurant. Days later, major Republican donors Doug Deason and Doug Manchester were seen having coffee with Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin uses the hotel as his Washington residence. After Trump’s speech to Congress last week, Mnuchin was seen with his dog walking into a hotel elevator occupied by reality TV star Dog The Bounty Hunter.

The $200 million hotel has become a rich environment for lobbyists and anyone who wants to meet Trump-supporting politicians.

“I’ve never come through this lobby and not seen someone I know,” said Deason, who fundraised for Trump during his campaign.

“I can tell you this hotel will be the most successful hotel in Washington, D.C.,” said Manchester, who added that he has developed the second-largest Marriott and second-largest Hyatt in the world. He pointed out that the hotel’s location near both the White House and Congress will make it particularly popular.

A stay at the hotel also gives someone trying to win over Trump on a policy issue or political decision a boost with the president, something that has left ethics lawyers concerned.

“President Trump is in effect inviting people and companies and countries to channel money to him through the hotel,” said Kathleen Clark, a former ethics lawyer for the District of Columbia and a law professor at Washington University in St. Louis

H/T Truthmonitor

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