Major Democrat Scandal EXPLODES – Trump Was Right…

President Donald Trump wants to examine the extent of voter fraud in last year’s election, but Democrats are doing everything in their power to make it difficult for him to successfully do so. This has led many to question what Democrats are really hiding, as they appear desperate to make sure Trump’s voter fraud investigation never gets off the ground.

Fox News reported that many Democrat state officials are refusing to cooperate with Trump’s voter fraud investigation by not handing over the extensive “voter roll data” the commission is seeking. This comes after Kris Kobach, the Kansas secretary of state serving as vice chair of the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity, wrote to all 50 states asking for their input as well as voter registration data.

“I have no intention of honoring this request. Virginia conducts fair, honest, and democratic elections, and there is no evidence of significant voter fraud in Virginia,” Virginia Democratic Gov. Terry McAuliffe fired back in a statement, adding that the commission is based on the “specious and false notion that there was widespread voter fraud last November.”

Trump created this panel back in May after he publicly claimed that 3 million to 5 million people illegally voted in the 2016 presidential election. McAuliffe, a former Democratic National Committee chairman and longtime Clinton family ally, spoke out to slam Trump for trying to investigate this.

“At best this commission was set up as a pretext to validate Donald Trump’s alternative election facts, and at worst is a tool to commit large-scale voter suppression,” he wrote.

California Secretary of State Alex Padilla agreed, saying that he would “not provide sensitive voter information to a commission that has already inaccurately passed judgment that millions of Californians voted illegally.”

“California’s participation would only serve to legitimize the false and already debunked claims of massive voter fraud made by the President, the Vice President, and Mr. Kobach,” he added.

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