The NFL Ratings Slump is Getting Worse, TV Networks Lose Over $500 Million Since Anthem Protests Began

The NFL has been in trouble in the public eye as protests have escalated to a point we had never seen previously, where hundreds of players have taken a knee during the national anthem before their games. As a result, ratings have been on a steady decline, fans have boycotted, and the NFL has become one of the most divisive brands in the country.

The ratings for Week 11 dropped 6.3 percent compared to last year’s Week 11, which meant a loss of 1 million viewers. But NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has stood by his decision to allow the protests to continue and not take any action against the players.

Well, it has now been revealed just how this percentage of viewership has had an impact on the NFL’s wallet.

BizPac Review reports:

The 6.3% drop represents $500 million in potential lost revenue for CBS, ESPN, Fox and NBC, Outkick reported. In the past three weeks, viewership plummeted about 5.7%, which means the cratering is accelerating.

A whopping $500 million in just one week.