NFL stadiums still empty as we enter Week 7

Almost a month has passed after the National Football League started its feud with President Trump over kneeling for the national anthem to protest racial injustice against Black Americans, the NFL has experienced massive backlash as fans started to leave in droves, with pictures of empty parking lots and stadiums circulating on the social media, according to Breitbart.

During Week six, NFL teams struggled to fill their arenas and experienced a rapid plummet of television ratings and viewership. It was expected that Commissioner Roger Goodell’s letter asking players to stand would solve the issue, but it only served to aggravate it.

Below are pictures posted on Twitter of how stadiums looked as the league entered Week 6:

Now, as we enter Week 7 of the season, we are witnessing almost an identical situation where teams are playing with one another in vacant stadiums with no one there to celebrate their potential victory with.

Here’s how the start of the seventh week looks like:

The accumulated crises of fans refusing to buy tickets, the crippling plummet of TV ratings, and half-empty arenas has hit the league hard financially. If the NFL continues with its stubbornness, players would either have to call it a career or simply bite the bullet and agree on smaller salaries.

Unfortunately for them, the NFL’s viewership could not tolerate the disrespect players have shown to the flag and anthem, which is why multitudes of fans are leaving the arenas.

The fans have made their voice heard loud and clear that they do not condone disrespect for the anthem and flag, and yet athletes still refuse to stand for these national symbols that many brave men and women have given their lives to protect.

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