RED ALERT: Top Official Goes Rogue – Exposes Obama’s ‘Historic Coups’ To Remove Trump From Office

It’s no secret that Barack Obama has had a very difficult time giving up power to Donald Trump, as he has spent the past few months publicly bashing the former president and obsessing over ways to take him down with his “resistance movement.” Obama has been behaving like he is still president by continuing to hold meetings with world leaders since leaving office, which is a direct violation of the Logan Act and a very serious federal crime.

Freedom Daily reported that this week, a former United Nations ambassador has revealed that Obama is actively engaging in the first coup d’état in Amercican History against a sitting president.

Last week, Obama travelled to Asia to slam Trump. While in China, Obama met with President Xi Jinping, following Trump’s successful visit just a few short weeks ago. While in India, Obama mocked the current president by saying that he has more Twitter fans than Trump, and when he travelled to France, Obama whined that there is currently a “temporary absence of American leadership.”

 Former United Nations Ambassador John Bolton believe that there is more at play here than just Obama’s jealousy of Trump. He believes that Obama is actively trying to overthrow Trump’s Administration, and isn’t hesitating to break federal law to get the job done. Bolton just sat down with Fox Business host Lou Hobbs to discuss both the Robert Mueller witch hunt and Obama’s Trump-bashing tour of Asia.

“…this is the first coup d’état in American History,” Bolton stated.  “It’s a mini coup d’état but it goes right along with the idea that they (liberals) should have won the election..They are trying to prove the administration is illegitimate.”

Enacted in 1799, the Logan Act is a United States federal law that criminalizes negotiation by unauthorized persons with foreign governments having a dispute with the United States. It clearly states that citizens are prohibited from negotiating with foreign governments in order to undermine our government. In meeting with world leaders, Obama is likely violating this law, which means he could be facing 20 years in prison.


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