Richard Dreyfuss Criticized Trump of Lacking Class, Now He is Accused of Sexual Harassment

As the sexual allegations are flooding Hollywood, another victim came forward with an accusation against actor Richard Dreyfuss. Writer Jessica Teich spoke out this week telling that Dreyfuss harassed her for years when they’ve worked together in the 1980s.

Dreyfuss denied the allegation that he exposed himself to Teich, but he admitted that he was “horrified and bewildered” when he learned that what he believed to be “a consensual seduction ritual that went on and on for many years … wasn’t consensual.”

Here is Dreyfuss response to the accusations:

Teich claimed that she decided to tell the truth when she saw Dreyfuss’ reply to his son, Harry, telling that actor Kevin Spacey for touching him inappropriately when he was 18.

If these allegations are true, which it seems like they are, it shows that Dreyfuss is lacking a class and he is just another hypocrite attacking President Trump for his lack of class.

In an interview with TMZ, Dreyfuss commented on Trump’s choice not to attend the White House Correspondents’ Dinner this year:

“If a man like that asked you for permission to marry your daughter, what would your answer be?” he stated last year. “If it’s no, I think it’s obvious we shouldn’t give him the most powerful office on the face of the Earth.”

George Takei is also another hypocrite critic of President Trump who is accused of sexual misconduct by an actor who claimed Takei assaulted him in 1981.

The social media didn’t let Dreyfuss’ excuses to pass that easily.


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