Robert Redford Says Americans Have Lost Their “Moral Foundation” For Voting For Trump

Robert Redford is a typical Hollywood actor turned activist who is pining for the downfall of President Donald Trump. He recently blamed our president for America’s “lost moral foundation.” For starters, you can’t put that blame on one person.

When asked how he would address President Donald Trump if they were to ever be meet face-to-face, Redford responded, “Quit. For our benefit. Right now it’s like Humpty Dumpty sitting on a wall, and a great fall is happening. The behavior seems to be really dumb.”

Redford explained that America’s politics are extremely “polarized.” However, he said in reference to Donald Trump, “You can’t blame him for being who he is. He’s always been like that. He’s our fault — that’s how I see it. We let him come to where he is. I’m not so interested in blaming him; that’s being done enough by others.” Redford continued, “I’m more interested in: How did this happen? We’ve lost our moral foundation, which allows us to go this far over. We’re the ones who let that happen. We should be looking at ourselves.” 

The actor turned activist condemned President Trump for defunding the National Endowment for the Arts. In a letter, Redford stated, “The proposed defunding of the NEA’s budget would gut our nation’s long history of support for artists and arts programs and it would deprive all our citizens of the culture and diversity the humanities brings to our country. This is entirely the wrong approach at entirely the wrong time.”

Robert Redford told Esquire that America had better watch out before we turn Marxist for good. He said, “I have faith in the pendulum swinging. Right now it’s so far against the wall that it can’t go any farther; it’s gonna start to swing back. One of the cures is gonna be getting the American people to fully wake up.” Redford proceeded, “All the American people, particularly young people, because they’re gonna inherit this earth; they’re gonna inherit what we’re doing. And if we have any concerns about kids — which I do — what are you gonna do to make sure they have something to work with?”

He’s such a disgrace.
Should he shut it up for our nation’s benefit?