School Decides Not To Play The National Anthem, Team Solves The Problem On Their Own

When Colin Kaepernick decided to protest the national anthem by sitting down, he stood out form the rest of the crowd, but in a negative way, as many people saw his behavior as a disgrace to the anthem and the American flag.

In Flint Township one freshman football team stood against this kind of disrespect, and the attention they got was well deserved.

Lapeer Lightning football team was informed by the host team spokesman that the national anthem will not be playing this time, so they decided to stand against it and started to sing the anthem without music.

Eddie L. Kindle, Carman-Ainsworth Community Schools Superintendent, said, “Like most schools in the state of Michigan, we choose to play the national anthem prior to the highest level of competition.”

Kindle tried to explain that this kind of common decision in many communities was not a sign of protests because they will never refuse to play the national anthem and disrespect America.

When they learned that the anthem is not going to be played they decided to stand still and sing it.

Bryan Sahr, the lead coach Lapeer said his team thought there was some kind of problem with the sound system.

“We had all lined up on the sideline like we usually do for the national anthem,” Sahr stated.

He added, “I’ve been with most of these players for three years now.”

“They’re just an awesome group of kids. It makes me incredibly emotional and I don’t usually get emotional.”

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