Seth Meyers Asked Viewers “Do You Support Trump or Do You Support This Show?”

Seth Meyers, the late-night comedian, on Wednesday, attacked President Trump admirers who according to last presidential elections are more than a half of the country. He even praised Eminem for his performance where he criticizes Trump and went so far calling the video “powerful stuff.”

“Eminem ended the video by calling on any of his fans who still support Donald Trump to decide between Trump and himself,” Meyers stated, continuing:

“I was inspired by that, so tonight I say that any fans of this show who are also big fans of Donald Trump: It’s time to make a decision guys. Get off the fence. Do you support him or do you support this show that constantly mocks and denigrates everything about him?

I know it’s a tough call, but it’s time to make a decision. Now, I’m not much of a rapper but here it goes:

My name is Seth and I’m here to say, that if you like Trump then go away.”

Seth continued disgracefully by showing the middle finger supposedly to Trump supporters.

What obviously Meyers has forgotten is that when a late-night show host criticizes President Trump, his rating will go down rapidly.

As America is laughing at Twitter posts and videos shared on YouTube, the ratings of late-night shows are plummeting down. Ben Domenech emphasizes that viewership of late-night ABC, CBS and NBC bearly had 8 million viewers, and not too long ago, the late-night show host Jay Leno had more than 6 million viewers himself.

What is the cause of rapid fall down of late-night comics viewership? Part of it is surely technological development and generational demographics which caused people to be more likely online than to watch television. If the assumption that young people will not stay late to watch the show is true, then there must be some other reason for rating drop-down.

But if we compare the ratings of late-night comedy show with numbers of Sean Hannity and Rachel Maddow at MSNBC, these two still have higher rating even though they don’t tell jokes.

Domenech notes that Hannity has 3.5 million viewers, Maddow had 2.65 million last week.

Similar to NFL, Trump used Twitter to say something about late-night comedy shows:

It is about time that late-night “comedians” learn something from NFL and their plummeting ratings. They should stick to comedy rather than politics and hatred towards President Trump.

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