IT’S OVER! Silver Bullet REVEALED That Will Bring Hillary Clinton Down For GOOD

Fox & Friends analyst Geraldo Rivera confirmed on Friday that the revelation Hillary Clinton and the DNC rigged the primary election is not only “the nail in the coffin and the end forever of the Clinton era, but also, more relevantly, shows that the Democratic National Committee is in total disarray,” according to BizPacReview.

Rivera is referring, of course, to the Politico article written by former interim DNC chair Donna Brazile, in which she detailed how the Democratic National Committee prematurely gave the Clinton campaign access to party money as far ahead as one year prior to her official nomination.

He added that Brazile “is throwing Hillary Clinton under the bus and revealing that the DNC is virtually a criminal enterprise.”

Rivera went on to say that at the time of the election, he didn’t believe Bernie Sanders had a chance of at the nomination—so his success speaks very directly to the weaknesses of Clinton’s candidacy.

Here’s the clip:

President Trump made similar statements on Twitter Friday morning.

Check it out:

Everybody is asking why the Justice Department (and FBI) isn’t looking into all of the dishonesty going on with Crooked Hillary & the Dems..

…New Donna B book says she paid for and stole the Dem Primary. What about the deleted E-mails, Uranium, Podesta, the Server, plus, plus…

….People are angry. At some point the Justice Department, and the FBI, must do what is right and proper. The American public deserves it!

The real story on Collusion is in Donna B’s new book. Crooked Hillary bought the DNC & then stole the Democratic Primary from Crazy Bernie!

Pocahontas just stated that the Democrats, lead by the legendary Crooked Hillary Clinton, rigged the Primaries! Lets go FBI & Justice Dept.

Far-left Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) also denounced Clinton and the DNC late Thursday.

Warren conceded to CNN’s Jake Tapper late Thursday that Clinton’s agreement with the DNC so far before the end of the primary season is intensely problematic for the party.

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