Tiny Little Girl’s Dream Comes True To Meet Steve Harvey. He Gives Gift She Will Never Forget

Everyone loves Steve Harvey! His silly jokes, fun games and kind heart all make him a rarity in Hollywood – and that’s precisely why he’s garnered millions of fans over the years.

These are also the reasons that not only is Adelie’s mother a huge Steve Harvey fan, so is her little girl. She was thrilled when she found out that she was going to be invited to the taping of his show.

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But when Mom told Adelie that she was not old enough to attend the taping with her, she was not pleased. The poor little girl’s hopes were crushed.

“I really want to go there! I really like it.”

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Mom then informed little Adelie that Steve Harvey’s talk show is just for grownups. Even after she received an explanation that she’s just not old enough, Adelie was not about to give up hope!

She turned to Mom and said, “It’s not [just for grownups]. I really want to go!” It’s clear this was a battle that Mom was just not going to win.

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So, Adelie’s mom contacted Steve Harvey and explained that Adelie is Steve’s biggest fan and would love to be allowed into the live studio audience. Instead of shooing Adelie and her mother away, he welcomed them both with open arms!

In fact, little Adelie dressed in her finest adorable fancy gown and was escorted on the stage! She couldn’t believe her good luck.

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To thank Steve for his generosity, Adelie presented him with her favorite type of sucker – but she had no idea that Steve had a surprise for her as well! After chatting back and forth for a bit, Steve turned to the adorable little girl and said, “Since Adelie came all the way down here, I couldn’t let her leave empty handed! Now, Adelie, I sent a car to pick you up but I want to help you with your ride home! So I got you something!”

The moment the wall lifts and Adelie’s gift is revealed, her face drops! She can’t believe Steve was giving her such an awesome present!

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See what Steve surprised Adelie with on his show. You’ll be shocked, too!

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