Among President Donald Trump’s first targets and one of his biggest poll promises was to eliminate the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) from the face of the Earth. He was one of the few people in America who understood that the only way to eliminate Islamic terrorism is to actually proceed to attack them, rather than give irrelevant speeches like Obama.

ISIS - Image via ABC news
ISIS – Image via ABC news

Trump did live up to his expectations and has now almost succeeded to completely eliminate ISIS. The President decided that it was time that all the people who saw ISIS as a common enemy come together to eliminate them. Following this, the role of Russia in eliminating ISIS also became more prominent, and several other countries too pledged to help in eliminating ISIS.

The United States Forces on ground went in to assist the Kurdish forces, and have now successfully captured two the biggest cities and ISIS strongholds and managed to drive away ISIS from a major part of Iraq and Syria. Several ground reports yesterday suggested that ISIS militants are now surrendering to the Kurdish and American forces.

Kurdish Peshmerga forces detain Islamic State militants southwest of Kirkuk, Iraq October 5, 2017. REUTERS/Ako Rasheed TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY

In fact, Trump’s plan was so well made that it believed more in economics than mere violence. The first step was to ensure ISIS becomes bankrupt. USA outright said that they will not do business with any country buying oil from the ISIS, and this directly cut their main source of money. Contrary to popular belief, most of the ISIS soldiers are hired, rather than people who actually care about their ideology.

Hundreds of ISIS fighters who surrendered to Kurdish forces about 3 days ago said that the main reason which led them to surrender was that ISIS is now bankrupt. They confessed that it had been several days since the terrorist organisation paid them their salaries, and they did not receive proper food or water because ISIS could not afford it.

Hundreds of more soldiers were also forced to surrender by the joint forces after ISIS strongholds were taken over and the militants realized that if they failed to surrender, they too would become dead meat, much like the fate of several other terrorists who had dared to oppose the forces.

Hawija was one of the strongholds of ISIS in Iraq. A couple of days ago, the Iraqi President Haidar al-Abadi announced that Hawija had finally been freed from control after several years. Lieutenant General Paul Funk, from the United States forces who spoke to the media said that there had been an unprecedented surrender by terrorists in Hawija and about 1,000 terrorists have surrendered till now.

An image of American Forces after carrying out successful stealth operation in an ISIS stronghold
An image of American Forces after carrying out successful stealth operation in an ISIS stronghold

Speaking to USA today, he said that the speed at which the ISIS forces surrendered really surprised him and he was expecting a much longer operation before they could actually liberate Hawija. “They’re coming out with their hands up, putting their weapons down – full scale surrender. It’s a growing trend,” he said according to a report in The Metro. Further, he went on to say that the operation lasted 4 days, and ISIS had started with 1,500 fighters, out of which about 1,000 had surrendered.

Trump and Putin's combination works wonders as the end of ISIS is nearing
Trump and Putin’s combination works wonders as the end of ISIS is nearing
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